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Is homosexuality the equivalent of race?

Gays demand that "homosexuality is the equivalent of race"

based upon their “born with it” claim! If true, their demands for

entitlements, such as affirmative action at school, work and

home, as well as their tax relief, life and health insurance

scams, will likely succeed in unsustainably burdening and

undermining essential functions and relations in Society and

the Family!

See medical journal studies abstracts on PubMed.gov:

Search "identical twins" and "homosexuality".

Clearly if "born with it" were true, 90 to 99% co-twins would also

be gay! Actually it is rare: astonishingly, only 11% of male &

14% of female or fewer co-twins in identical twin sets are gay.

See the referenced 8+ medical journal studies at pubmed.gov

and Whitehouse, Neil. E. 2013. MY GENES MADE ME DO IT.

Homosexuality & the Scientific Evidence. 3rd Edition, Chapter 10.(12)